I carrot about you & your doggos!

These orange vegetables aren’t just tasty but nutritious too! For starters, these healthy treats are low in calories and low in fat! Carrots are full of vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, and more. The mineral beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A, which is a huge component in maintaining your doggos eye health and keeping their vision sharp. Vitamin A is also essential for bone growth, maintaining a healthy and shiny coat, and keeping a thriving immune system. These crunchy treats can also help combat plaque build-up! Not only do carrots provide physical benefits, but they can aid in supporting your doggos mental health! Keeping them sharp and satisfied their whole lives!

Along with all the health benefits, large carrots can be used as chew toys and great substitutes for bones! When frozen, carrots can aid in soothing teething. Carrots can also be enjoyed steamed or pureed. 

And as always remember, moderation is key! A happy dog is a healthy dog!