Rainy days got your doggo down?

With Winter in full swing, it's not easy keeping your doggo entertained and stimulated when its pouring cats and dogs outside. 

Here are a few ways to keep you and your dog occupied and entertained during the rainy season!

  1. Try a classic game of hide and seek! This is as much fun for you as it is for your doggo! This is an easy way of fine-tuning the stay and come command while not testing your patience!
  2. Obedience training can also help the time fly by! Working on basics, like sit or stay can be some of the most frustrating things to do when your doggo is distracted. Now is the perfect time to get all of your doggos attention and hey, maybe you can even teach them a new trick or two! 
  3. Tug of war! So simple, so easy, and so riveting!! Get your doggos energy out by challenging them to a battle of strength and endurance! 
  4. Elevate your doggos sense of smell by hiding treats all around the house and letting them sniff it out! This is an effective and rewarding way to keep your doggo entertained while you get dinner made, laundry done, or finish that last Netflix episode! 
  5. Stimulate your doggos brains with a puzzle game! This keeps your dog entertained all day long! There are plenty of puzzle toys, treat-dispensing ones, or even DIY ones! You can find some great DIY options on Pinterest!